So many of our amazing clients are early risers. Our first clients are coming in the door around 6 am – true rockstars! But after that workout how are you fueling yourself for the rest of the day? We all have different tastes and routines, so Paul and Lyndsay each provide below the breakfasts that have been fueling them. Regardless of who you most connect with – or if you are trying to get on the breakfast bandwagon (we often hear from people that they don’t like to eat breakfast) try to remember the following –

A healthy well, balanced breakfast or first meal consists of at least three of the following: fruits and vegetables, grains, milk/dairy and protein (eggs, meat, poultry, beans, peanut butter.) There are a number of ways you can get creative with this Рespecially if you are short on time. But having a basic understanding, will hopefully make you feel more confident when making choices.

Paul – Paul breaks his fast some time between 12:00-12:30 pm. His breakfast this morning consisted of bacon, sour kraut, Ezekiel bread with unsalted peanut butter and 5 eggs with veggies. You can also use a Green Superfood supplement added to your morning shake to get those delicious greens.
Lyndsay – Lyndsay tries to eat within 60 minutes of waking up, mainly because she doesn’t have much of an appetite at night so she uses breakfast as her largest meal of the day. She is also known to have two breakfasts ūüėČ Her breakfast this morning was full fat, plain, Greek yogurt topped with organic blueberries, banana and fresh mango – she always adds nuts or seeds on top – this morning it was pecans, pumpkin seeds and toasted toasted oats. While putting this together, she will most likely have a piece of toast with real butter and will prep a hard boiled egg or other source of protein for later in the morning.
Remember that you need to do what works for you – there is no cookie cutter formula – as shown by Paul and Lyndsay’s variations of “first meal” above. Keep in mind the the “at least three” rule and ENJOY – your first meal is how you set yourself up for an amazing day – savor every bite. And hopefully you have a furry friend at your feet like Paul enjoying your meal with you.