From armed robbery to professional athlete — one man reformed through the power of sport.john-mcavoy-379

I heard this podcast over the summer and despite being an avid podcast listener, with a long list  still to be listened to, I took my time and listened to this over 4 days (it is a long one at over two hours), and most recently listened to it again.The back story of John McAvoy brings you in immediately – born into a London crime family, handed a double life sentence at only 24 years old, held in an isolation cell for over a year which led to a solitary fitness regime, ultimately leading him to break world records in rowing, from his prison gym.Today he is Nike’s only world sponsored Ironman athlete and an advocate for introducing sport in schools and institutions in an effort to bring positive change to troubled youths. Listening to how John studied the art of sports in his jail cell to then training in a jail gym while being coached by a prison guard will inspire anyone who is overcoming the hurdles associated with life changing work.We would love your feedback and hope you enjoy this amazing story.